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1234 movies first look is out and its featuring leading role in it. First look is featuring Aniket kelkar and Priya Marathe with other movie crew. From first look background its look like from guardian. Priya Marathe is in single pic so its look like all her fans will miss her traditional look but don’t worry it’s not official stated yet. We can clear many things after release of trailer. We have shared initial release date of movie above so from that we can expect movies trailer to out in April month. Movies official poster is out and its Thriller. Poster is featuring Bhooshan Pradhan and two hands holding gun towards him. In background there are many other people photos and almost all of them are with cross on it. So may be he is the one behind four incidents. Poster is also featuring movie extended movie name “1234 count down has started” and Poster has also confirms release date which is 27th May. download dvd scr button  

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